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Too hot? Cooling down with your breath


It’s summer outside. Too warm for you? Well, you could put your feet in a bowl full of icewater, get some icecream or jump into the cool pool. But if nothing of these should be available right now, why don’t use the cooling yogic breath? At least he is always with you. In “sitali” you roll your tongue and inhale through your mouth. The damp tongue is cooling of the incoming air and therefore is cooling of your body. After a short retention you exhale through your nose. The austrian Yogaguide.at has a nice description of the sitali in Iyengars book “Light on Pranayama” in German (http://www.yogaguide.at/news/die-kuehlender-yogaatmung-sitali) online, for all english speaking readers, yogajournal has a small description as well: http://www.yogajournal.com/practice/2844

Anyway, enjoy the summer sun while it’s here – there is no better prana than the sun! I will go out now again, too :-)

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