yoga und aerial yoga in hamburg

Wednesday June 4th, 2014
by Carolin Adler
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Yoga inspiration

Yoga is everywhere. And sometimes 10 millimeters are the final weight to start some reaction. For me it was while exploring the famous Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg. In middle of mini Bavaria there is a little yogi standing in Shirshasana … Continue reading

Saturday May 17th, 2014
by Carolin Adler

Aerial Yoga in German TV

The German TV station NDR films  about the benefits of Aerial Yoga at my trainer Dhanya Meggers. Even a fit 71 year old women does flying yoga. Have a look yourself. http://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/das/aerialyoga100.html German only

Tuesday January 8th, 2013
by Carolin Adler

TV and fly

The German TV station NDR made a new clip on Aerial Yoga – watch yourself (it will be online until Friday): http://www.ndr.de/flash/mediathek/mediathek.html?media=hamj24279