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Heart Chakra focus for the christmas season


For my christmas classes in the last day I had a focus on the heart chakra (anahata chakra) for my students. The heart chakra stands for inner delight, joy, air, lightness and bliss. With many backbend asanas (and therefore heart openers) and the inner focus on the heart and breast area we activate this room in our body and soul. We gain access to inner bliss. Please think of yourself in the sometimes hectic advent time and meditate for one minute on your heart chakra wih your inner focus on your heart and a feeling of light, warmth, love and bliss (in German I love the podcast of Yoga Vidya, they published quite some short meditation for that). And here my christmas gift for you – a practice you easily can try yourself.

Sit straight with crossed legs. Close your eyes. Lay your palms open up in your lap. Lift your hands toward the sky and say a wish for yourself or someone you really like. Catch the wish with your cupped hands carefully. Move your hands toward your heart and let the wish fill your heart, your whole inner self. Enjoy this feeling and keep it with your all trough the Season.

Om Shanti and have a woderful advent and christmas Season with lots of Yoga!

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