yoga und aerial yoga in hamburg

About Yoga

Yoga harmonises body, mind and soul. Follow the path of Yoga for a healthier lifestyle. Yoga means “union” and will support you in finding your inner natural balance.

Benefits of Yoga

  • balances body, mind and soul.
  • strenghtens the cardiac system.
  • strengthens and stretches muscles.
  • strengthens your back and helps you to be aligned.
  • enhances deep breathing.
  • regulates the nervous system.
  • helps you with deep relaxation.

What to bring to my yoga class?

Wear comfy sportwear – I prefer long trousers and tops that do not slip. In Aerial Yoga women should avoid large cleavage as you will hang upside down. It is recommenend to brings warm socks, a sweater and sometimes a blanket to stay warm during the final relaxation. Yoga is trained barefoot. Bring your own towel. Please do not eat at least two hours before class. Mats are provided in most studions – after a while you might want invest in your own gear.