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Terms and Conditions

All offers of Carolin Adler, Yogimi, are subject of these General Terms and Conditions. They are made available at registration and therefore are part of all customer contracts.

2. Participation / Liability

Before participating at a class or workshop every participant has to fill out a registration form, in which the participants stated that there are no health limitations for participating.

The offers and usage of the locations are on your own risk. Carolin Adker, Yogimi, is liable or the correct function of the offered equipent as well as in cases of gross negligance or delibarate intention. Carolin Adler, Yogimi, ist not liable for health damages that woukd occur to the participants during the offered classes or for self inflicted accidents. Carolin Adler, Yogimi, disclaims liability for the losses of valuables.

3. Personal Data

All participants are hereby notified that there personal data is electonically stored for organising the coursed. All German laws are obliged. All participants agree with the storage of their data for these purposes. I do not give any data to third persons. Data changes like adresses have to be stated immediately.

4. Registration and Fees

Every online registration is binding. After the online registration you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The fee has to be transfered to the stated bank account immediately after the confirmation. Registrations on short notice can pay the fee by cash prior to the worhshop. The minimum participants number for a workshop is three participants.

5. Cancellation

At a cancellation one week prior to a workshop the fees will refunded completely. Within one week refunding is not possible. If you get ill (with a doctors attest) you receive a voucher for one of the folling courses. Substitute persons can be registered any time.

In the case of sickness, holidays or others reasons of unattendance Carolin Adler, Yogimi, will care for a substitute teacher. Should this not work out, a workshop might have to be cancelled. Should the workshop be cancelled by Carolin Adler, Yogimi, you will a 100 per cent refund of your prepaid fees. This is also the case if a workshop has to be cancelled due too less participants.

6. Additional Points

Suplements, additional agreements, changes and amendments to this contract require the written form to be valid.

Court of Jurisdiction is Hamburg. Should any of the provisions of the present agreement become invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected thereby. In such case, the parties shall use their best efforts to replace the invalid provision by a provision which best reflects the economic and legal purposes of this agreement.

 General Terms and Conditions of Carolin Adler, Yogimi, Heinskamp 28, 22081 Hamburg.