yoga und aerial yoga in hamburg


Some of my favourite pages on Yoga:

International links


My yoga home with ashrams and centers all over the world. Get to know more about this traditional and vivid yoga.


My favourite ashram. Love the combination of yoga, sun, beach and astonishing seminars and workshops. Paradise Island is worth a visit.

www.bhandayoga.com and www.dailybhanda.com

Great page for Yoga anatomy and to get yourself deeper into the poses.


The non-profit organization of my teacher Molly Lennon Kenny – I absolved my first parts at Teacher Training for Yoga Therapy with her. She is an amazing and inspiring person!


Inspiration for Yogis and yogic lifestyle.


My favourite yoga mats. Not cheap but worth every cent. I call the PROlite my yoga home and are cery satisfied with it. The best: no slipping and lige log garantuee. Now, that’s what I call sustainability. If you buy over that link here, we both receive 10 percent discount.

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