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Sivananda Yoga

“A traditional way to a healthier life”:  Sivananda Yoga is suitable for nearly everyone. If there a individual needs the asanas can be adapted to your needs.

Structure of a Sivananda Yoga Open Class (1.5 hours):

  1. Breathing Exercises (Pranayama): breath conciously, strenghen your lungs, clean your respiratory system, balance the mind, get more energy.
  2. Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar): warm up, strengthen muscles and stretch the body.
  3. Yoga poses (Asanas): biuld up strength, stretch the muscles and fascies, develop perseverance, balance the body, release tension.
  4. Deep Relaxation (Savasana): relax, let go, recover.

Sivananda Yoga consists of 12 basic asanas with an uncountable variety of variations. All body parts are effectively strengthend and stretched, the energy centres in the body are refilled and the mind is balanced. The inner focus and mediative holding of the postures are are very effictive.

Personal Training

Sivananda Yoga Class (60/90 min) in Hamburg with Carolin Adler: 60/85 Euro – sted on request


Impressions of the Sequence of a Sivananda Yoga Class: