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Aerial Yoga for Moms to be


Yoga with Baby inside: a wonderful balance in the life of a pregnant women. Yoga gives strength, energy, clamnes and helps to notice and accept the changes inside your body. Already during the teachers training as Ananda Aerial Yoga teacher I sometimes thought: “Wow, this asana would be perfect if you are pregnant.” The hammock gives a hold in the balancing asanas and it helps to let go much more easily. The swinging aspect also helps to relax, to activate and to free the muscles. In normal yoga for pregnant women we sometimes use pillows, blankets or chairs as props to make the asanas easier and less challenging. In Aerial Yoga the hammock can replace these props and serves as your partner.

On the other hand, the normal Aerial Yoga series is not suitable for pregnant women after the first trimester. As a mom to be you should not train too much on strong core abdominal muscles and are not allowed to put strong pressure on the belly. During pregnancy also tendons and ligaments are much softer and shouldn’t  be overstretched.

It was also time to develop something new and to combine classical yoga for pregnant women with aerial hammock suppurt. The question of a pregnant friend of mine (2nd trimester) if I would show her some Aerial Yoga asanas just came in the right time. I workd some hours on my mat, in my hammock and over my books to find a new combination of asanas. Today we together tried it out for the first time – and it worked out very well. In contrast to normal Aerial Yoga the changes between hammock and working on the mat are more often, the combination of asanas is softer and some asanas are modified. Breathing exercises for pregnant women are integrated in the sequence and help to connect oneself with the breath and the baby inside. We strengthend the back and the legs in standing positions, the hammock helped to balance much more easily. With circle movements as well as consciuos tension and relaxation we activated the pelvis and the pelvic floor, strengthend and released it at once, which is perfect for the later month in the pregnancy and for giving birth. The stretching of the upper back, shoulders, sides and chest give the lungs and the baby more room and help with the concious alignment of the body. We also stretched and widened hips and pelvis without straining the lower back.

The conclusion after more than one and a half hours of Yoga: a bright and relaxed smile in the face of my friend and new lightness in her body. And for me it was great to learn so much of a mom to be and to get direct and open feedbak on the new sequence.

I certainly would love to do more. I will see, how I can offer a workshop or a workshop series for pregnant women after first trimester in 2013.

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