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Duck wave breathing technique


The deep yogic breathimg technique builds the basis for all other breathimg techniques amd asanas in yoga. Sometimes it is hard for yoga newbies to learn the deep breathing technique and sending their breath deep into their belly. They rather breath shallow into the breast and by doing that they are activing their sympatic nerve system which pushes the “fight or flight reflex”. Not to recommend in our stressful times.

Kids mostly still breath naturally deep into their belly. So we do not really have to teach them how to do that. But in Kids yoga we want to show them to be aware of the breath and how to control their breath – in a playful way. So, today my little kindergarten yogis got some lovely yellow rubberducks. The kids laid on their backs and were rivers. They let their ducks “swim” on their bellys – up and down, just by using their deep breathing. Natural born yogis! And I could “recycle” and reuse our Racing Rubberducks from the Lions Charity Hamburg Duckrace in another positive way to supportthe health of children.

If any of my grown up readers wants to train their deep breathing technique – why not playfully with some rubberducks?

And who wants to learn more about my favourite charity of my Lions Clubs: www.entenrennen-hamburg.de (German only)

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